Our Philosophy - Greece Beyond
As native Greeks who know what this small slice of paradise really has to offer, we want to share its
magic with you. Beyond the mass tourism that makes all places look alike, often taking the road less
travelled, always authentic. But also beyond any limitation to your wishes: we help you experience Greece the way you want.
You are unique. Your vacation should be too.
Our team

“Greeks by birth, engineers by training, passionate travellers by choice” is a good way of summing up who we are. What we love about Greece is that after so much time we have spent exploring it, we never stop finding new places to amaze us. Having already lived abroad for many years, we have seen many of the people around us visit our country without coming even remotely close to what Greece really is. That is why we left everything else behind and started Greece Beyond: to offer travellers the chance to see our land the way only a local can show it. We are dedicated to quality; we handpick the best locations, the best accommodations, the best service providers so that everyone who entrusts their vacation to us will truly have a trip to remember. We come from a beautiful place; let us share it with you!


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