The city of Thessaloniki, breathtaking Halkidiki and the unique combination of sea and mountain at Pilio

Part 1: Halkidiki

“There is no place like this”

The locals claim that there is no other place like Halkidiki in the whole world and they may indeed have a point. The region can offer anything one might wish to see and experience: from high-end resorts to quiet fishing villages, and from lush green forests to crystal blue seas and golden beaches.

  • Day 1: Arrival

After arriving in Thessaloniki, you pick up your car and drive to Halkidiki, where you will spend your first few days.

Indicative distance travelled: ~80 km - ~55 min. (Thessaloniki airport to Afytos, Halkidiki)

  • Days 2-4: Exploring Halkidiki

Follow our suggestions or do your own thing, see and do as much as possible or relax by the sea. One thing is for sure: you will want to return to Halkidiki for more!

Part 2: Thessaloniki and surroundings

The capital of the North

The “nymph of Thermaikos”, lovingly nicknamed so from the bay around which it is built, combines a long history, amazing food and a vibrant nightlife for the visitor to discover, taste and experience. 

  • Day 5: Getting to know the nymph

One day with Thessaloniki is never enough, but it is definitely enough time for her to charm you! Follow some of our suggestions or get lost exploring the city.

Indicative distance travelled: ~90 km - ~1 h 15 min. (Afytos, Halkidiki to Thessaloniki)

  • Day 6: Your choice

As always, we want to offer you as many options as possible. On this day, you can choose for yourself whether you want to continue your urban adventure in Thessaloniki, explore a unique ecosystem at the edge of the city, or discover the treasures of the ancient Macedonian kingdom. The distance to be travelled and the accommodation will be determined by your selection.

Part 3: Volos and Pilio

At the home of the Centaurs

One of our favourite Greek destinations, Mount Pilio has everything the most demanding visitor could ever wish for.

  • Day 7: First impressions

You will spend the next few days on Mount Pilio, the home of the mythological Centaurs. Before getting there, however, you will have the opportunity to visit Volos, the port city at the foot of the mountain, and get a glimpse of its beauty and a taste of its famous all over Greece tsipouro and mezedes

Indicative distance travelled: ~220 km - ~2 h 40 min. (Thessaloniki – Volos – Makrinitsa, Pilio)

  • Days 8-9: The mountain and its seas

Pilio is a blessed place: a mountain between two seas, offering spectacular beaches, luscious forests, traditional villages of incredible beauty and amazing views, local tastes for the most eclectic foodie. Hands down one of the top destinations in Greece, which has luckily kept its character intact. 

Day 10: Saying goodbyes

Back in Thessaloniki, you get ready for the flight home. Use the opportunity to wander in the city, look back to all the memories of the trip and start planning your next visit. Tomorrow, you fly home.

Indicative distance travelled: ~220 km - ~2 h 40 min. (Makrinitsa, Pilio to Thessaloniki)

Indicative price: from € 700 per person.

The indicative price provided here is based on a trip for 2 people, including accommodation with breakfast, a rental car of the B segment and our customised booklet that provides suggestions specifically for your trip. As the prices for car rental and accommodation vary within the year, please contact us for a final price for your case. The cost of the plane tickets is not included, but we will be happy to also arrange those for you.

On the basis of your preferences, all kinds of activities and experiences can be added along your route. Contact us so that we can discuss the options.


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