From Athens to the Ionian Sea

Part 1: Athens

At the birthplace of Western civilisation

A true open-air museum with signs of its many centuries of history around every corner, the birthplace of ideas that still shape our world, but also a great contemporary city at a wonderful location. Athens is chaotic and charming, ancient and modern, in crisis and vibrant, a concrete jungle next to a fine coastline. Start your trip with a small taste of this unique place.

  • Day 1: Arrival

You arrive in Athens, pick up your car and settle in your accommodation. The city is there for you to explore.

  • Days 2-3: Athens

Athens is not a place that can be discovered within a couple of days, but you will definitely start scratching its surface. You can marvel at some of humanity’s major historical sites and then observe the life of a modern metropolis and its fun-loving people. Our tips for getting to know the city will certainly be useful, but we can also arrange for you a wide range of guided tours catering to your interests. You can even spend some time discovering the broader Attica region, with its mountains and seas offering the possibility of becoming one with nature right on the edge of the metropolis.

Part 2: Central Greece

Long history, imposing landscapes

Central Greece has unique experiences in store for the traveller and is still one of Greece’s hidden gems. Many visitors know that seeing Delphi is an experience not to be missed and reason enough to travel to the region, but there is much more to it than that and we will help you discover it.

  • Day 4 : Arachova

The town of Arachova is famous in Greece for many reasons: winter sports and partying, traditional architecture, local products and recipes, the magnificent nature surrounding it. Simply the ideal base for you in order to find out what Central Greece is all about!

Indicative distance travelled: ~170 km - ~2 h (Athens to Arachova)

  • Days 5-6: Arachova and the surrounding area

Decisions, decisions. Being here, you definitely need to see the Delphi archaeological site. 

The centre of the world for the Ancient Greeks, famous for its Oracle, is one of the select few places on Earth where the landscape and the human footprint create such a unique combination. But besides Delphi, what else are you going to do? Mount Parnassus offers endless possibilities for hiking and sports in pristine nature, the coast of Central Greece with its scenic towns is close and we are ready to help you organise any type of activity that fits your interests.

  • Days 7-8: Karpenisi

Deeper into Central Greece, another one of Greece’s best mountain resorts awaits you. If you love nature and well-preserved local villages, if you want to be active or relax and take the sights in, if you want to be someplace as far away from everyday life as possible, this is the place to be.

Indicative distance travelled: ~155 km - ~3 h (Arachova to Karpenisi)

Part 3: The Ionian Sea

The “other” Greek sea

The Aegean Sea and its best-known islands may be the first images that pop up into a foreigner’s mind when Greece is mentioned. The –much smaller- Ionian Sea, however, is an equally beautiful destination. Coming out of the mountains of Central Greece, we take you to the island of Lefkada, where you will get a first impression of what the Ionian has to offer; most likely, you will soon be back for more!

  • Days 9-11 : Lefkada

An island accessible through a bridge connecting it to the mainland, Lefkada is famous for some of the most impressive beaches the Mediterranean has to offer. Its diverse landscape, the great number of activities available and the sights of the island will make sure that every hour of the day can have a new adventure in store for you…if you manage to convince yourself to leave those gorgeous beaches, of course!

Indicative distance travelled: ~170 km - ~3 h 30 min (Karpenisi to Lefkada)

  • Day 12: Athens

As your trip comes to its end, you return to Athens. Use the opportunity to wander in the city, look back to all the memories of your trip and start planning your next visit. Tomorrow, you fly home.

Indicative distance travelled: ~360 km - ~4 h (Lefkada to Athens)

Indicative price: from € 1000 per person.

The indicative price provided here is based on a trip for 2 people, including accommodation with breakfast, a rental car of the B segment and our customised booklet that provides suggestions specifically for your trip. As the prices for car rental and accommodation vary within the year, please contact us for a final price for your case. The cost of the plane tickets is not included, but we will be happy to also arrange those for you.

On the basis of your preferences, all kinds of activities and experiences can be added along your route. Contact us so that we can discuss the options.


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