I would really love to visit Greece. What can you do for me?

We are very happy that you have selected our homeland as your destination! We are here to make
this an unforgettable vacation. If you do not already have a clear idea about where you would like to
go or what exactly to see, we recommend taking a look at the Fly & Drive packages we have put
together for our guests. You can book one of these in its standard form, or you can adjust it in any
way you want so as to make it fit your wishes. Do you already more or less know what you want to
see and do in Greece? Then the option we offer to create your very own Tailor-Made vacation is the
right path for you. Let us know what you want, and we can organise everything for you, from the first
day of your trip to the very last. Maybe you are looking for a quick break? Then our CityTrips will do
the trick for you! These are also standard packages designed by us, but you are always able to adjust
them to your personal needs if you would prefer that.
You are still unsure about what is the best option for you? No problem, just contact us and we will
find together the best way to send you on the perfect Greek vacation.

These Fly & Drive packages of yours do look appealing indeed. What do I get if I select one of them?

Each of these packages includes the following in its standard form: a rental car that will be
awaiting you at the airport upon arrival and which you will return again at the airport on the day of
your departure; your accommodation in Greece including breakfast; a personalised booklet made by
us exclusively for your trip, pointing out things to see and do along your route. The standard package
does not include your plane tickets to and from Greece, but if you wish for us to handle their
booking, we will be happy to do so.
Keep in mind that this is just the basic form of the packages. But, since we are all about individuality
and customisation, you have the opportunity to modify them in any way you wish!

Well, customising my Fly & Drive package sounds tempting! So, what are my options?

You name it and we will make it happen! You can extent or limit the duration of your trip, add or
remove destinations, and so on. But even more importantly, Greece is all about the experiences it
can offer to the visitor. If you already know what you would like to do while in Greece, let us know
and we can incorporate it in your package. If you are looking for inspiration, just have a look at the
activities, experiences or special locations we can add to your trip to make it that much more special.

What can I expect if I opt for a Tailor-Made vacation?

We will put together a vacation from scratch based on your wishes, no matter how specific they
are. If it can be done in Greece, we can make it happen for you! You can travel with as many or as
few people as you want, you can have a short trip or a long stay, you can choose destinations all
around the country (even if you don’t see them in our Fly & Drive packages), you name it! And if your
vacation is all about your hobbies, let us know and we can find the right ways to make them the best
part of your visit.

I can’t wait to go! How do we start planning?

We are also excited! If a standard Fly & Drive or CityTrip package is what you’re looking for, fill in
the form you will find within the description of the package and we will contact you for finalising the
details. You can use the same form to notify us about any modifications you would like to make.
Depending on your wishes, we will either come back to you with the final offer for your trip or with a
plan that we can further discuss and finalise. Are you going for the fully Tailor-Made experience? We
have a form for that too in the respective section of the website. Tell us what you’re after and we will
draw up a proposal about how to realise it.
Would you prefer to skip the forms and tell us directly what we can do for you? Luckily you can reach
us also via a message through the website, by email or by phone; go to our contact page and select
the way you prefer.

Why are the prices of your packages marked as “indicative”?

The costs of both accommodation and car rental (where applicable) tend to fluctuate throughout
the year. Instead of tempting you with a price that we cannot absolutely guarantee will be valid no
matter when you want to travel, we prefer to give you an indication of how much the trip you are
looking at could cost. As soon as you declare your interest in a specific package by contacting us, we
will prepare a final offer for your vacation. This will also include the costs for any additional elements
you choose for your vacation (activities, experiences, plane tickets, etc.).

I want to travel to Greece but I have a very specific budget in mind. Can you help me?

Sure we can. A Tailor-Made vacation can always take into account your budgetary requirements.
We will always strive for the best possible quality despite possible limitations. Honesty about any
compromises that will need to be made due to a specific budget is, by the way, absolutely

Is there an ideal time of the year to visit Greece?

Greece is a destination for all seasons and there is something to love about it no matter when you
go there. If your planning allows for this though, you might want to avoid the period between July 15
and August 15 due to the great numbers of local and foreigner vacationers who choose this time for
their summer holiday. This may have a negative influence on the availability and prices of
accommodation and other services, can lead to overcrowding in popular spots and can, in general, be
detrimental to the enjoyment of an absolutely relaxed and authentic experience. If you, however,
still want or need to travel during this exact period, it goes without saying that we will do everything
possible to help you avoid any side-effects of the “high season”.

Do you also offer solutions to business customers?

Of course we do! Whether you want to set up a reward trip for your top performers, to organise a
team-building event in an exciting environment, to combine a larger or smaller meeting with some
well-deserved relaxation, or for anything else you have in mind, you can contact us to discuss your
needs and the available possibilities.

Can you help me get married in Greece?

We are honoured that you would like to involve us in such an important moment of your life and it
is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Greece is an amazingly romantic place and we can make
your wedding the unforgettable occasion it deserves to be. Contact us to start planning!

Will you be present in Greece during our vacation?

As a rule of thumb, no. We will be, however, easy to reach 24/7 for any questions you might have
or assistance you might require. Our booklet that will be prepared specifically for your trip will offer
you our personal suggestions for places to visit and things to do during your stay, so in that sense we
will always accompany you! And if you prefer having someone to show you around, let us know and
we can arrange local guides for your trip in multiple languages depending on your destination.


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