Greek Experiences

Visiting Greece can be an absolute joy in itself. There are, however, always things to do that can bring you closer to the essence of the country and we are happy to offer several such opportunities.

Think, for example, about sailing, a unique way to discover the country’s seas and coasts. Whether you are looking for a short excursion or a full sailing holiday, for just the two of you or for groups of friends and family, we are here to arrange everything.  

Food and wine are great parts of who we Greeks are. You will in any case get our recommendations about where to have great Greek food all over the country, but we can do more than that. How about visiting some of the best Greek wineries and tasting their offerings? Or maybe you would like to cook with locals, visit food markets and have unique food-themed guided tours? And if you want to see where some of the great ingredients come from, spending a few days at a farm and even helping with the daily work there could be just the right thing for you.

Are you the kind of traveller that wants to know as much as possible about the city they are visiting? Then the guided tours we can arrange for you in Athens and Thessaloniki are just right up your alley. There so many different ways to get to know a city, its people, its past and its present, and we have the right partners who can let you see everything there is to find out.

 Are you looking for something else? If it can be done in Greece, we can make it happen for you, so just let us know!


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