Athens and the Peloponnese

Part 1: Athens

At the birthplace of Western civilisation

A true open-air museum with signs of its many centuries of history around every corner, the birthplace of ideas that still shape our world, but also a great contemporary city at a wonderful location. Athens is chaotic and charming, ancient and modern, in crisis and vibrant, a concrete jungle next to a fine coastline. Start your trip with a small taste of this unique place.

  • Day 1: Arrival

You arrive in Athens, pick up your car and settle in your accommodation. The city is there for you to explore.

  • Days 2-3: Athens

Athens is not a place that can be discovered within a couple of days, but you will definitely start scratching its surface. You can marvel at some of humanity’s major historical sites and then observe the life of a modern metropolis and its fun-loving people. Our tips for getting to know the city will certainly be useful, but we can also arrange for you a wide range of guided tours catering to your interests. You can even spend some time discovering the broader Attica region, with its mountains and seas offering the possibility of becoming one with nature right on the edge of the metropolis.

Part 2: Kalavryta and Ancient Olympia

In the footsteps of the first Olympians

Leaving Athens behind, the Peloponnese awaits you. Your first stops will be Kalavryta, a scenic town surrounded by pristine nature, and Ancient Olympia, another one of Greece’s historical treasures of worldwide fame.

  • Days 4-5: Kalavryta

Kalavryta is one of Greece’s finest destinations for nature and mountain lovers. With the small town as your base, you will have the opportunity to discover traditional villages in the surrounding area, experience a rail trip into one of Europe’s most beautiful gorges, escape into the serenity of the plane forests and much more.

Indicative distance travelled: ~190 km - ~2 h 30 min. (Athens to Kalavryta)

  • Days 6-7: Ancient Olympia 

The area around Ancient Olympia is best known for its archaeological site at the place where the Olympic Games were born and the Olympic flame is still being lit nowadays before travelling to the modern host cities. But there is more to it besides the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can get active in the area’s forests and rivers or relax on the long Ionian Sea coast, following our tips or plotting your own course.

Indicative distance travelled: ~100 km - ~2 h (Kalavryta to Olympia)

Part 3: Mani

Wild beauty

A land of lunar landscapes and breathtaking coasts, Mani is also known all over Greece for its fearless inhabitants with their unique code of honour and the fortified residences built by the area’s preeminent clans. You will spend the next days here, in one of the most authentic Greek destinations.

  • Days 8-11: Mani

There is much to see here: visit the imposing fortified villages and towns, see exquisite caves, walk to the impressive southernmost tip of continental Europe, swim in the amazing beaches, taste the unique products of the region and enjoy the hospitality of the proud, austere people. Mani will be an unforgettable experience, one of the most special of this whole trip.    

Indicative distance travelled: ~210 km - ~3 h (Olympia to Areopoli, Mani)

Part 4: Eastern Peloponnese

From fortress to fortress

Setting course back towards Athens, you will drive up the eastern coast of the Peloponnese, from the rock of Monemvasia to historical Nafplio.

  • Day 12: Monemvasia

The medieval town of Monemvasia, the “Gibraltar of the East”, will travel you back in time. The perfectly maintained fortress on the giant rock with its old mansions and churches, its narrow alleys and the impressive vistas cannot be compared with anything you have seen so far.

Indicative distance travelled: ~95 km - ~1 h 45 min. (Areopoli, Mani to Monemvasia)

Nafplio, one of the most beautiful Greek towns awaits you!

  • Day 13: Nafplio

A charming little gem of a town, will rightfully earn its place in your memories of this trip with its splendid buildings, its two fortresses and its romantic atmosphere. 

Indicative distance travelled: ~215 km - ~3 h (Monemvasia to Nafplio)

  • Day 14: Nafplio and Athens

Besides being a destination with its own unique character, Nafplio is also close to two of the most important Greek archaeological (and UNESCO World Heritage) sites, Mycenae, the epicentre of the Mycenaean civilisation that flourished more than 30 centuries ago, and Epidaurus, with its famous ancient theatre. In your last day of the trip you can choose to visit them, relax in Nafplio, or take in the sun in the nearby beaches. Later, you will return to Athens, from where you depart the following day.

Indicative distance travelled: ~135 km - ~1 h 45 min. (Nafplio to Athens)

Indicative price: from € 1000 per person.

The indicative price provided here is based on a trip for 2 people, including accommodation with breakfast, a rental car of the B segment and our customised booklet that provides suggestions specifically for your trip. As the prices for car rental and accommodation vary within the year, please contact us for a final price for your case. The cost of the plane tickets is not included, but we will be happy to also arrange those for you.

On the basis of your preferences, all kinds of activities and experiences can be added along your route. Contact us so that we can discuss the options.


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