Terms and Conditions
  1. Definitions

The following are understood under these terms:

“Greece Beyond”: GreeceBeyond, based at Oeral 116, 3524 DZ, Utrecht, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number 71953752.

“Trip organiser”: the party that offers under its own name while carrying out its business trips organised in advance to the public or a group of persons; Greece Beyond is understood as the trip organiser in these terms.

“Traveller”: the party who has made a travelling arrangement with Greece Beyond or the one for whom the trip is arranged and who has accepted that stipulation.

  1. Applicability

2.1 These terms and conditions are applicable to all offers and travelling agreements between Greece Beyond and the traveller.

2.2 Information about the trips offered by Greece Beyond are available via the website https://greecebeyond.nl/. These are indicative but the actual offers are comparable to them.

2.3 Greece Beyond is not obliged to enter into agreements on the basis of the prices mentioned on its website.

2.4 All sums mentioned in these terms include, where applicable, the VAT.

  1. Establishment of travelling agreement

3.1 The agreement is established by the acceptance by the traveller of the offer of the travel organiser. The acceptance can take place directly, via e-mail, letter or a phone conversation. After the establishment of the agreement, the traveller receives a written or digital confirmation thereof, possibly in the form of an invoice.

3.2 The offer of Greece Beyond is non-binding and can be recalled, if necessary. Recall for the correction of mistakes in the calculation of the trip fee is allowed.

3.3 The content of the trip offer is determined by the information as published on the website of the trip organiser. Obvious mistakes do not bind the trip organiser.

3.4 For trips that include transportation, the duration of the trip is mentioned in days. The days of departure and arrival are included in this and count as full days. The times mentioned in the travel documents apply as relevant times.

3.5 Incidental or structural changes in the services and flight schedules of carriers can have an influence on the duration of the trip. Barring claims to the eventual trip and/or cancellation insurance of the traveller, the traveller has no right to restitution of part of the trip fee if the times of departure do not deviate from the original times by more than 36 hours as a result of the changes mentioned above. The trip organiser is not responsible for damages resulting from the delay.

3.6 A traveller who enters a travelling agreement on behalf of or to the benefit of another party is severally liable for all obligations that arise from the travelling agreement. The other travellers are liable for their part. The traveller who enters the travelling agreement will provide the information concerning himself and the possible other traveller(s) necessary for concluding and executing the agreement.

3.7 If the traveller makes known during the establishment of the travelling agreement certain preferences with regard to the services to be provided by the trip organiser, such as for example location of a hotel room, seat in an aeroplane, etc., these will be taken into account as much as possible. No rights are, however, derived from these, despite possible mention thereof on the travel documents and booking forms.

3.8 If certain conditions (e.g. diet) are so essential that the conclusion of the agreement depends on them, then there is a case of necessity. These should be made explicitly known during booking. The trip organiser must confirm in writing whether the necessity can be accepted. The trip organiser will charge necessity costs of € 28,- per person.

  1. Payment

4.1 Upon the establishment of the travelling agreement, an advance payment of 25% of the total trip fee is due. If a minimum advance payment that deviates from what mentioned here is required for certain trips, the trip organiser will mention this clearly in the trip offer.

4.2 The remainder of the trip fee must be received by Greece Beyond at the latest 6 weeks before the starting date of the trip. If the travelling agreement is concluded within 6 weeks before the date of departure, the whole trip fee is immediately due.

4.3 If other payment conditions apply to certain trips, this will be mentioned in the offer for the trip. In this case, the different payment conditions will be applicable.

4.4 Delayed payment can lead, after a demand letter, to immediate cancellation of the travelling agreement by the trip organiser. In this case, the provisions related to cancellation by the traveller (Article 9 of these terms) are applicable and the already paid part of the trip fee will be settled with cancellation costs.

  1. Trip fee

5.1 The publicised trip fee in euros applies per person, unless otherwise indicated. This includes the services and arrangements as described in the published material.

5.2 The publicised trip fee is based on the prices, exchange rates, charges and taxes as known to the trip organiser at the time of publication. The trip organiser reserves the right to increase the trip fee compared to the already established travelling agreements up to 20 days before the day of departure as a result of increases in the previously mentioned prices. The trip organiser will indicate the way in which the increase has been calculated.

5.3 If the trip organiser increases the trip fee after concluding the travelling agreement, the traveller has the right to cancel the travelling agreement with a claim to restitution of already paid sums exclusively within 5 days from receiving the announcement. If such a number of travellers makes use of this right to cancellation that the trip organiser cannot be reasonably expected to carry out the trip, he has the right to immediately cancel the travelling agreement with the remaining travellers.

  1. Travel documents and luggage

6.1 The traveller should be in possession of the necessary travel documents, such as for example a valid passport , etc. at departure and during the trip. Given the great importance thereof, the traveller himself should check the information provided by the trip organiser regarding applicability, topicality and comprehensiveness.

6.2 The trip organiser is not liable in case the traveller cannot participate in the trip, or parts thereof, due to shortcomings in his travel documents. All costs related to this are charged to the traveller.

6.3 The trip organiser is not liable for loss and/or damage of luggage and travel documents.

  1. Travel documents

The necessary travel documents will be made available to the traveller at the latest 10 days before the day of departure, unless this timeframe must be exceeded due to justified reasons. The traveller who has not received on time the necessary travel documents is obliged to notify the trip organiser at the latest 5 days before departure.

  1. Modification by the traveller

The traveller can request a modification of the travelling agreement up to 28 days before departure. If the modification does not have the character of a cancellation and if the service providers involved in the execution of the trip accept the request, the modification can be applied. The costs for this modification are € 28,- per person.

  1. Cancellation by the traveller

If an agreement is cancelled by the traveller, the following sums are charged for each traveller:

  • until the 42nd day before departure: the advance payment;
  • from the 42nd day until the 28th day before the date of departure: 35% of the remaining trip fee;
  • from the 28th day until the 21st day before the date of departure: 40% of the remaining trip fee;
  • from the 21st day until the 14th day before the date of departure: 50% of the remaining trip fee;
  • from the 14th day until the 5th day before the date of departure: 75% of the remaining trip fee;
  • from the 5th day until the date of departure: 90% of the remaining trip fee;
  • on the date of departure or later: the full remaining trip fee.
  1. Cancellation by the trip organiser

10.1 The trip organiser can cancel the travelling agreement only due to serious circumstances. Serious circumstances include circumstances of such nature that further commitment of the trip organiser to the travelling agreement cannot be reasonably expected. If the reason for the cancellation can be attributed to the trip organiser and the traveller suffers damages due to this, the trip organiser is obliged to compensate for the damages in the way mentioned in paragraph 2 of this article.

10.2 In that case, the traveller is entitled to an alternative trip of at least equal value or to restitution of the (already paid part of the) trip fee.

10.3 The trip organiser will immediately inform the traveller in writing with regard to the cancellation, mentioning the reason for it.

10.4 The trip organiser has the right to cancel the travelling agreement without being held liable for any damages in the case of force majeure. Force majeure includes abnormal and unforeseen circumstances, independent of the will of the party that claims them and whose results cannot be avoided despite all precautionary measures.

  1. Modification by the trip organiser

11.1 The specific destinations and local circumstances of the trips offered by the trip organiser can entail the application of modifications of the trip schedule. Intended modifications of the trip schedule can result to deviations of routes, excursions, accommodation and local transportation from what indicated in the publications. The trip organiser is obliged in that case to offer to the traveller alternatives that leave as much as possible the character of the trip intact. The trip organiser is obliged to limit as much as possible the eventual adverse consequences for the traveller.

11.2 The trip organiser has the right to modify the travelling agreement to a substantial extent due to serious circumstances that are immediately made known to the traveller. The traveller has in this case a right to an alternative trip of at least equal value or to restitution of the (already paid part of the) trip fee. If the traveller wishes to exercise his right to restitution, he should inform the trip organiser about this within 48 hours from receiving the notification about the modification.

11.3 If the modifications mentioned in this article come about after the departure of the traveller, the trip organiser makes sure that adequate alternative arrangements are made, focusing on the continuation of the trip.

11.4 The trip organiser has the right to modify the agreement in one or more significant ways due to serious circumstances as described in Article 10.1. He notifies the traveller about this within 72 hours (3 workdays). Starting from 10 days before departure (in trips with own transportation, before the date of arrival at the first accommodation booked), he notifies the traveller within 24 hours (1 workday).

11.5 If a modification can be attributed to the trip organiser, taking into account Article 12, and the traveller suffers damages due to this, the trip organiser is obliged to compensate for these damages. If the reason for the modification can be attributed to the traveller, the costs thereof are charged to him.

  1. Liability of the trip organiser

12.1 The trip organiser is liable towards the traveller for the good execution of obligations arising from the travelling agreement, irrespective of whether these are carried out by himself or other service providers hired by him. Generally known facts with regard to the particular destinations must be taken into account. The execution of the travelling agreement should be partially evaluated on the basis of practices, the state of technology, and the limitations and habits implied by the particular destinations of the trips of the trip organiser.

12.2 The trip organiser is not liable for damages resulting from:

  • shortcomings in the execution of the travelling agreement due to circumstances that are attributable to the traveller, including damages resulting from the state of the traveller’s health; or
  • actions and influences of third parties that are not directly involved with the execution of the trip; or
  • circumstances that are not attributable to the trip organiser’s fault and/or pursuant to the Dutch law and socially applicable norms cannot reasonably be attributed to the trip organiser.

12.3 The trip organiser accepts no liability for damages for which cover is offered by trip and/or cancellation insurance.

12.4 To the extent that the trip organiser can be held liable for the damages suffered by the traveller, this liability will be limited or excluded in accordance to the internationally applicable conventions.

12.5 If the trip organiser is liable towards the traveller for loss of enjoyment, the compensation reaches at most the sum of the trip fee.

12.6 The liability of the trip organiser for damages that the traveller suffers in carrying out his profession or business reaches at most the sum of the trip fee.

12.7 Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous paragraphs of this article, the liability of the trip organiser for other damages caused by death or injury of the traveller is limited to a maximum of three times the sum of the trip fee.

  1. Obligations of the traveller

13.1 The traveller is obliged to comply with all instructions of the trip organiser or trip leader for a good execution of his trip and is liable for damages caused by his improper conduct, to be evaluated as per the standards of conduct of a proper traveller.

13.2 If the traveller causes such nuisance or inconvenience that the execution of the trip is seriously complicated by this, he can be excluded by the trip organiser or trip leader from further participation to the trip. All costs arising from this are charged to the traveller if and to the extent that the consequences of nuisance and inconvenience can be attributed to him.

13.3 The traveller is obliged to inform in writing or in other suitable way the involved service provider and/or the trip organiser or his local representative of every omission with regard to the execution of the travelling arrangement observed by him on site.

13.4 The obligation of the trip organiser to offer help and support to a traveller in need is seriously limited if no use can be made of the help of an emergency service included in insurance for travelling accidents and luggage. The traveller is therefore obliged to secure a full-coverage insurance for risks covered by the usual travelling accidents and luggage insurance.

  1. Complaints

14.1 Eventual complaints exceeding the level of remarks should be submitted as soon as possible in writing or other suitable way at the destination and/or the place where the complaint arose to the local representative of the trip organiser and, if applicable, to the extent possible to the service provider involved. If the complaint on site cannot be treated in a satisfactory way, the traveller can within one month at the latest after the return to the Netherlands submit it substantiated in writing.

14.2 If a complaint is not resolved on time to the traveller’s satisfaction, the traveller can if he so wishes turn within two months at the latest after the completion of the trip to the relevant judge of the court of Utrecht.


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