The Ionian coast, the rugged mountains of Epirus and the cosmopolitan island of Corfu

Part 1: The Ionian coast

The “other” Greek sea

The Aegean Sea and its best-known islands may be the first images that pop up into a foreigner’s mind when Greece is mentioned. The –much smaller- Ionian Sea, however, is an equally beautiful destination. With the town of Preveza as your base, you will get a first impression of what the Ionian has to offer; most likely, you will soon be back for more!

  • Day 1: Arrival

You arrive in Preveza, pick up your car and settle in your accommodation. The Northern Ionian coast is there for you to explore.

  • Days 2-4:  Exploring the Ionian coast

Based in the scenic town of Preveza, you will have the opportunity to discover the Northern Ionian coast of mainland Greece: long, sandy beaches, small, hidden coves, historical sites and exquisite seafood are all around you. The island of Lefkada, connected to the mainland by a bridge, is also nearby, with some of the most spectacular beaches of the Mediterranean beckoning you.

Part 2: Ioannina-Zagori

Into the land of the mountains

Little-known Epirus will amaze you with the breathtaking scenery, its history, its architecture and its local products and tastes. A destination for all seasons!

  • Days 5-6: Ioannina

The largest city of Epirus with a long history behind it as a hub of the letters, of craftsmen and of trade, Ioannina today is a lively university city. Built around Lake Pamvotida, it is one of the most beautiful Greek cities in itself, but also the gateway to the spectacular surrounding mountains.

Indicative distance travelled: ~90 km - ~1 h 30 min (Preveza to Ioannina)

  • Days 7-9: Zagori

Villages, monasteries and bridges built centuries ago out of the local stone by master craftsmen, wild mountains and fast-flowing rivers, activities for adrenaline seekers and relaxation by the fireplace, a scenery that few other places in Europe have to offer. Welcome to Zagori, a true mountain paradise. Follow our tips for exploring the area and let us help you arrange the best activities on offer here!

Indicative distance travelled: ~40 km - ~50 min (Ioannina to Kapesovo, Zagori)  

Part 3: Corfu

The cosmopolitan countess of the Ionian

It is difficult to find a place in Greece that has a more aristocratic atmosphere than the city of Corfu on the eponymous island. Subjected to English, French and Italian influences during its turbulent history, it is an architectural treasure, more reminiscent of a movie set than of a modern town. 

  • Days 10-13: Corfu

And outside the city, the largest Ionian island has its beaches, villages, local cuisine, and warm, welcoming people to offer. It would take weeks to really find out everything you can see and do here, but there will always be a next visit, we are sure of that.

Indicative distance travelled: ~120 km - ~1 h 50 min (Kapesovo, Zagori to Igoumenitsa) + ~1 h 30 min ferry from Igoumenitsa to Corfu

  • Day 14: Preveza

As your trip comes to its end, you return to Preveza. Use the opportunity to wander around the town, look back to all the memories of your trip and start planning your next visit. Tomorrow, you fly home.

Indicative distance travelled: ~90 km - ~1 h 15 min (Igoumenitsa to Preveza) + ~1 h 30 min ferry from Corfu to Igoumenitsa

Indicative price: from € 1000 per person.

The indicative price provided here is based on a trip for 2 people, including accommodation with breakfast, a rental car of the B segment and our customised booklet that provides suggestions specifically for your trip. As the prices for car rental and accommodation vary within the year, please contact us for a final price for your case. The cost of the plane tickets is not included, but we will be happy to also arrange those for you.

On the basis of your preferences, all kinds of activities and experiences can be added along your route. Contact us so that we can discuss the options.


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